Exterior Painting Services

Protection from the elements

Double A Painting offers expert painting services that will preserve and protect the exterior of your home or building from the damaging effects of moisture and ultraviolet exposure. Many painters will use easier methods and less expensive products but these may not penetrate and adhere to their particular substrates causing peeling, water infiltration and paint failure after only several years. At Double A Painting, we have honed and perfected our systems over dozens of years and we have seen how our paint jobs can last at least twice as long as some of our competitors. The first critical step for good adhesion is proper cleaning as well as removal and treatment of mildew. We use time-tested methods, flexible materials that withstand expansion and contraction, and high-quality primers that adhere properly to completely seal the substrate. These steps are followed by applying premium coatings that properly adhere to surfaces creating a barrier that is highly resistant to solar exposure, water infiltration and premature fading.

Our Exterior Painting Services

  • Initial consultation and supply of detailed quote
  • Methodical, thorough preparation, filling, sanding, caulking, sealing
  • Use of premium quality paints and materials, time-tested for long-term performance
  • Airless spraying, brush and roll, wood staining, epoxy floor coatings, metal roof finishing
  • Pressure washing, window re-glazing, stucco repair, mildew removal
  • Aerial lift equipment, scaffolding, ladders, planks
  • Graffiti removal
  • Elastomeric weatherproof membrane

“Thank you so much for the incredible job done by your employees. They were very professional, on time and really painted carefully. Pete and I are both very grateful… We have already passed your name on to others.”

- Donna F.